Sunday, December 31, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Full Saddam Execution Video


Not a joke!
Not Suitable for viewing at work!
I am offering this solely as a link. Watch at your own risk. If you find the video offensive after you have watched it, don't complain to me, you have been warned. If you are easily shocked or have thin skin PLEASE do not watch this video. If you object to the viewing of Saddam's Execution please do not watch! You have been warned.

Saddam Execution

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Letter To Saddam

Dear Saddam,

What can I say as you make your journey to your rightful place. No doubt you were judged before your body reached the end of the rope and pulled it tight. If the afterlife holds with it any justice (as I'm sure it does) your first of many punishments in hell will be to hear the tearful tales of your victims.

I must admit that when I watched your trial I saw a broken man with sorrowful eyes but as I unearth the file footage and watch you parading through the streets in your military drab clothing, your stupid beret and your chin held high filled with arrogance and consumed with a cold black heart for your millions of victims, I realize your sorrow filled eyes were filled with sorrow for yourself, a selfish sorrow.

You denied God throughout your life and out of desperation and fear you turned to Him when you sensed the angel of death upon you. You were never truly sorry and for that God has rejected your praises. I only wish you were kept alive long enough to face trial for all you're transgressions, to have justice served in the names of all of those lives you destroyed.

I hate you for what you did to screaming men, women and children, begging for their lives, begging for mercy, begging for your henchmen to end their shame.

Good bye forever!

D.B. Shobrawy

Thursday, December 28, 2006

An Egyptian Police Torture Story

Sometimes you have friends who you assume are incapable of talking about politics, most of the time you're right but I was wrong about my friend "Mahmoud". Mahmoud is your typical Egyptian, loyal, charismatic, funny and kind of a clown which is good enough for me, I don't ask for much else. The ability to meditate on politics is something I truly enjoy and I was recently surprised to find out that "Mahmoud" is not only very politically conscious but without any question the most articulate and skilled debater I have ever met and that's saying alot. I'll pick a debate with anything breathing, you don't even have to be awake just breath and I'll talk to you.

Mahmoud has an interesting background, he was born here in the U.S. but at the age of 3 his family moved back to Egypt because his father desired to raise his children in his home country in order to guarantee his children's "Egyptian-ness". He lived in Egypt all of his life and only returned approximately 4 years ago. Since then he's gone back to Egypt several times to visit growing increasingly involved in Egyptian political causes. A while back he joined the Kefaya movement, a group which I often disagree with but have supported given special circumstances.

Since joining he was involved in a protest against the Egyptian Government outside the Egyptian Consulate organized by Kefaya here in Chicago. While protesting he and the other protesters were photographed by employees of the Consulate. He wasn't very concerned about it but some friends and family were terrified, they had lots of questions like...

"Is it safe for you to return to Egypt?", "Is it safe for our families there?"

The true test came a couple months ago when he returned against the objection of his family and girlfriend. Luckily he passed through customs without incident but honestly the ghost of Ben-Gurion could pass through Egyptian customs unnoticed thanks to Egypt's general lack of organization and information systems. His trip was completely uneventful until a week before his return. Mahmoud was at a bar in Cairo when he was approached by three young guys looking for trouble, they instigated a fist fight and ultimately Mahmoud was arrested. What happens next is frightening.

Many Egyptian Americans feel a sense of security when returning to Egypt because of the power an American passport holds with it. I can give you a dozen examples of how my passport allowed me to escape several forms of Police harassment. Like the time I was headed towards Sharm El Sheikh on a Coach bus. We arrived at a checkpoint where the officer in charge pulled 10-15 men including myself off the bus for "questioning" and told the bus driver to go on without us. I yelled to the bus driver to hold on one second because I would be on the bus shortly, he looked at me curiously but still waited. I turned to the officer and said, "listen I don't have time for this, would you like to see my identification?" When I showed him my American passport his face turned red and embarrassed and he quickly apologized and allowed all the men to return to the bus. I guess those guys owe me.

Mahmoud was not so lucky, the police found Kefaya related material in his wallet and quickly became agitated, by the time they found his American passport they didn't care where he was from, he could have been Prince Charles at that point. He was immediately blind folded, handcuffed and whisked away. When his blind fold was removed he found himself on the roof ledge of the police station handcuffed to another prisoner, the prisoner happened to be suicidal and severely obsessed with leaping off the edge and taking Mahmoud with him.

This is like one of those hypothetical questions your imaginative friend asks you when he's bored, "O.K. you're handcuffed to a suicidal guy on the roof of a building, what do you do?" I'll tell you what Mahmoud did. He started by begging the guy to keep his feet on the ledge, then he tried the therapist approach, telling him life is good, think about your family etc. However sensing the suicidal maniacs nervousness and eagerness to jump he ran out of options and resorted to beating the guy into unconsciousness with his free hand to prevent him from leaping forward. Harsh but brave and clever. When the police returned to find one unconscious and both alive they were so entertained by Mahmouds desperate actions that they released him a couple hours later. Strange, I know.

When he returned he told me the story in a calm and relaxed voice like he was telling me what he ate for breakfast or something. I personally would have contacted Newsweek or Time in search of a pay day.

So just remember, if you're an Egyptian American returning to Egypt, your passport is NOT a get out of jail free card. So be careful!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I hate to beat a dead horse, honestly. The Palestine/Israel conflict has unfortunately become a topic that can be argued till the end of time and somehow not reach an agreement despite its extremely simple circumstances. Those who read my posts concerning the topic already have an opinion and in most cases an unwavering one. But I still believe in dialogue, regardless if you reach the result you desired or not. It brings everyone to a greater understanding no matter what that may be. I can admit I've experienced that in debates that I vowed I'd never concede. Therefore I only offer food for thought.

I have on many occasions criticized both sides of the conflict for their contributions to the problem, fault in the Holy Land is distributed, not evenly, but dually. One of the biggest faults and enablers in the ongoing conflict are Israeli settlements in acknowledged Palestinian territory which are the reason why Gaza and the West Bank are referred to as "Occupied Territories" and should be noted, fits the definition of ethnic cleansing.

A couple years ago the U.S. acknowledged the settlements as a fault and asked Israel to cease the development of new settlements in the Occupied Territories. Israel agreed and conceded with a promise to not build in Gaza and the West Bank. This week Israel has broken that promise with the approval to build a new settlement in the West Bank town of Maskiot. Besides a broken promise this is what I find interesting, the settlements will house Israelis who were asked to leave the Gaza Strip last year as part of Israels agreement to hand over the Strip and remove settlers. Which means these people who plan to move into Maskiot are a bunch of butt holes as far as I'm concerned. These are people whose sole purpose in life are to encroach on Palestinian land and slowly surround and force Palestinians from their homes. What attachment do these people have to the unfairly unacknowledged country of Palestine besides to serve their own nationalistic goals? I agree that the Palestinians are at fault in many cases for agreeing to certain portions of the peace process in order to pacify the hands that feed them and then recanting but Israel is guilty of the same exact transgression.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Let Them Bleed To Death

How do you kill your enemies and those who kill in your name without pulling a trigger or setting a bomb? Simple, stop donating blood. The Palestinians are making a statement against those who kill 'for their sake' (Fatah and Hamas)...
We have a shortage of blood in the bank now. During Israeli incursions hundreds of people come to donate blood but now, nobody, said Dr Jumaa al-Saqqa, Shifa Hospital publicity director. Why give your blood? For whom? For one to kill the other? I want to just take my white coat off and go home.
That's as good as a vote against the leadership as far as I'm concerned.

A great man once said, "give 'em guns, step back, watch 'em kill each other." Figure out who and I'll give you a dollar.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

'Death To The Dictator', Iran Students Shout!

Its always the students, in any country, its the students who protest the wrongs of the world, the injustice, the pseudo leaders. Some people cite immature idealism, liberal professors even a lack of wisdom or an un-jaded mind. Whatever it is I'm glad to see it taking hold in Iran...
They held portraits of Mr Ahmadinejad upside down to mock him and then set them on fire.

The day before the president visited, the university was in turmoil with students shouting "Death to the dictator".

Iranian television only showed a few seconds of the disturbance. Later Mr Ahmadinejad put a brave face on it saying the protest showed there was freedom of speech in Iran compared to his student days under the Shah.

If this looks like freedom of speech to you let me remind you of this...

According to student activists 181 students have received letters warning them not to get involved in politics, while 47 student publications and 28 student organisations have been closed in the last year.
I'm often challenged by an Iranian friend declaring "Iran is a democracy", "the President has a limited term in office" etc. Unfortunately many Iranian Americans think this way but trust me when I say its all smoke and mirrors.

Don't be confused by a smoke screen of 'democratic elections' and 'freedom of speech'.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kim Jong-IL Makes Me Laugh!

N. Korea made a statement saying the U.S. is plotting to harm them which cracks me up for a few reasons.

1. N. Korean schools teach anti-American songs to students including tales of our imminent destruction by the hands of the "great Kim Jong-Il".

2. These guys are building and testing nuclear weapons. Lets make something clear, NOBODY makes nuclear weapons with "defense" in mind, not even the U.S.

3. Most importantly, every time I hear about N. Korea in the news I get an image of Kim Jong-IL and his crazy demands and his crazy parades and forced national displays of dictator worship. If you have read anything about Kim Jong-Il you might be interested to know he is a Hollywood fanatic and loves performing arts.

That's why this cracks me up so much!

Monday, December 18, 2006

D.B. Goes To A Graduation, Causes Trouble, Has Fun.

A couple weeks ago I received an informal invitation from my friend, "Self Hating Egyptian" to join him and his family at his younger brothers college graduation ceremony. It took me at least two weeks to decide whether or not to go because even though its my friend, who really wants to go to a graduation ceremony, seriously? I can think of 1 billion things I would rather do like sit on a hot grill or be awake during eye surgery. Anyway, I decided to go out of obligation. When I arrived I greeted my friends parents, surveyed the scene and braced myself for what I expected to be 2 and a half hours of excruciating boredom.

The first group to be presented with diplomas were the doctoral graduates. As each name was called the doctoral grads would approach the stage and receive their "hood" as the announcer read off their name and title of their dissertation, this turned out to be the first entertaining moment of the ceremony. It went something like this...

Announcer: "Steven Hernandez, title of dissertation, Condom Use Among Latino Men Who Have Sex With Latino Men"

The two black girls in front of me immediately turned to each other and screamed, "WHAAAT? OH HELL NAW! NASTY!"

I looked over at my friends parents just in time to see their faces turn white and expressionless...Priceless moment!

As hilarious as that was it was only enough to entertain me for a few minutes and then it was back to entertaining myself, luckily for me the announcer was reading off 10 of the most complicated names known to mankind and destroying every one of them.

Announcer: "Baalasurabumanahnon Shah"

Yours Truly in a very loud voice: "Oh my God, that last name was like 17 syllables long!"

Announcer: "Vkrbtn Njknyvn"

Your Truly in a very loud voice: "What country is that kid from? I don't think his name has any vowels in it!"

Announcer: "Vishal Harddeek Patel"

Yours Truly in a very loud voice: "Is that kids name hard dick?!"

At this point everyone within hearing distance is laughing so hard they are crying and the black girl in front of me is choking on her drink, finally she turns around and says, "You is goin' to hell".

10 minutes later, bored again so I decide to make fun of "Self Hating Egyptians" brother...

Yours Truly: "Your brother is an education major right?"

S.H.E: "Yea."

Yours Truly: "Wow that must be the easiest degree ever" (sorry Carmen, just teasing :P )

The black girl in front of me turns around and yells, "excuse me!?"

Yours Truly: "Let me guess you're an education major?"

Black girl: "Damn right!"

I'm not doing a great job of getting on this girls good side but S.H.E. thinks he's going to steal the spotlight, so he looks at me, winks and says...

S.H.E: "Dude you're stupid, there is no easier degree than Communications"

Black Girl: "What!?"

S.H.E: "Double major?"

Black Girl: "Yea"

Strike two! What a dumb ass. Thank God that girl was there, she was hilarious. I just talked to her and her friend "Trina" the rest of the ceremony and cracked jokes, I haven't laughed that hard in forever. By the time the announcer called our friends name we had "Trina", her friend and her family cheering for him along with us.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm Joining The Circus

Coming "home" to my parents house for a couple days is an expierience I regret each and every single time I visit. Its enough to make me join the circus or maybe the Peace Corps.

That's all for now.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ruby I love you!

I'm officially obsessed with Ruby. Last night I had a dream about her, a dream with details I don't care to share with you. There are tons of pretty girls in the Middle East, most of whom are in Lebanon but I'm a nationalist, I love my people. Therefore Ruby is especially attractive to me simply because she's Egyptian.

One time I was sitting in an Arabic coffee shop with some acquaintances when I began a conversation with my friend, the sheesha guy, you know the guy who refills your coal, the sheesha guy! Every time I went there he would ask me for the newest downloads on my phone, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. I showed him my newest wallpaper, a very attractive photo of Ruby, you wouldn't believe the following conversation...

Yours Truly: You like that, Ruby, very nice!

Sheesha guy: Yes, yes, I know her father so be careful what you say!

Yours Truly: You know Ruby's father!? You mean he lives here, in Chicago!?

Sheesha guy: Yes but don't ask me anything else, I wont tell you anything!

Unbelievable Ruby's father lives in Chicago. You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. What's even funnier is that I have probably run into her father a couple times and didn't know it was him. If her father lives here then she MUST visit, unless they aren't on speaking terms. If she does visit then I'm a step closer to turning my dreams into reality.

Ruby, I'll see you soon my love!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

When In Doubt Blame Syria

I have never been a conspiracy theorist but I'll concede that circumstances leading up to specific political occurrences are never as simple as we'd like them to be and they're rarely as they're depicted in news or official government reports.

It's not that hard to imagine, think of the worlds political theatre like a giant soccer stadium. We the people are the less powerful and less influential and as a result we are seated in the cheap seats, high up where we cant see too well. Therefore what might look like a clean play to us might really be a foul. You follow me?

An example of things not being what they seem are the currently evolving circumstances in Lebanon and the year or two leading up to them. If you have kept an eye on the news you may have noticed Syria/Iran and vice verse have been the fall guys for any trouble surrounding Lebanon. I have been increasingly skeptical however simply because Syria's name has come up effortlessly without any checks and balances system. It has become easier to blame Syria then blaming people in the Lebanese government who have as much or more to gain by influencing a change in the Lebanese constitution. Many unfounded stories suggesting Syria's involvement were passed on anti-Syria forums and were not picked up by the MM for obvious reasons. Like the report that said Syrian officials called to ask about Pierre Gemayels assassination an hour before it happened.

Another curious event yet to be picked up by the MM is this, a letter supposedly from Saad Hariri to Hezbollah during the Lebanon-Israel conflict this past summer.

MP Saad Hariri, had asked Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to disarm the group in exchange for an end to Israel's summer offensive.
Odd, no?

I fully expect readers to deny the possibility solely because Hezbollah is a part of the equation, "its a forgery, a lie" etc. But I prefer to ask questions instead of being spoon fed opinions masked as facts.

Something to keep in mind.

Lebanon's constitution invites assassinations and forced resignations by design. Lebanon's constitution dictates that in the event of 3 or more Parliament members leaving their post by resignation or assassination, the constitution must be reformed. So far with assassinations and resignations combined we have lost 7 members. That is why protesters are demanding Fouad Siniora should step down.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The News Bomb!

A collection of stories catching my eye including my wise ass opinion.

It's been a while since I've used this feature but I thought I would revive it for you're reading pleasure.

I hate celebrities and celebrity worship. I think its shallow and sad to see people pucker their lips up to famous peoples butts. Particularly because most celebrities are empty, soulless, nonsensical and shallow people who are so out of touch with reality that its unlikely they know how to do laundry, look at Tom Cruise! That's why when I hear of celebrities traveling all over the globe attempting to solve the worlds problems with their celebrity influence alone...I want to throw up! This time is a little different though. George Clooney has arrived in Egypt with Don Cheadle (a very talented actor) to meet Egypt's Foreign Minister in hopes of influencing the Egyptian government to pressure Sudan over Darfur. Normally I would say, "go back to Hollywood you liberal fruit cake" but the genocide in Darfur is one of the most important and ignored issues in the world. Good luck George!

Today a friend of mine ran up to me nearly stuttering with excitement, I thought he discovered the cure for baldness or something but no. Instead he was astonished to learn about Israel's possession of nuclear weapons. If you're surprised to learn Israel has nuclear weapons then you might suffer from mental retardation and a combination of several undiscovered mental illnesses, let me explain. Ehud Olmert mistakenly acknowledged Israel's possession of nuclear weapons saying...
"Iran openly, explicitly and publicly threatens to wipe Israel off the map. Can you say that this is the same level, when they are aspiring to have nuclear weapons, as France, America, Russia and Israel?" he asked.
If that's not bad enough Israel's Parliament members botched their opportunity to play damage control and acknowledged that the admission was a violation of a nearly 50 year old Israeli policy, meaning Israel has held nuclear weapons since then...
Right-wing opposition Likud MP Yuval Steinitz called on Olmert to step down after having made "an irresponsible slip which puts into question a policy that dates back almost half a century."
I'm shocked because I didn't know it was a secret. The assumption that Israel has nuclear weapons has been so long standing that it transformed from an assumption into fact many years ago. I've actually never been involved in a discussion that listed Israels nuclear capabilities as anything but fact.

The Devil has a special place in hell reserved just for Kanye West. I hate Kanye West and his ignorant statements and I'm glad to report he's being sued by the worlds greatest Dare Devil, Evil Knievel for his use of Knievels likeness in his video "Touch the Sky"...
"That video that Kanye West put out is the most worthless piece of crap I've ever seen in my life, and he uses my image to catapult himself on the public," the 68-year-old daredevil said Tuesday.
Ok Evil K, don't get your diapers in a bunch, its not that bad.

The following picture might interest you.

Is that Ahmadinejad making peace with the Jews? Not quite. Actually this is at the Holocaust conference in Tehran and those Rabbis are from a Jewish anti-Zionist group who believe the existence of Israel is against the teachings of God listed in the Torah. You can find the rest here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iran Students: "Death To Dictator!"

The Iranian people chant..."Death to Dictator!". A refreshing display of anti-Ahmadinejad protests yesterday in Tehran during the President's speech.

The disturbances began when a group of students started chanting during the speech. One held up a poster that read: "Fascist president, the Polytechnic is not a place for you."

They held an Ahmadinejad picture up and set it alight, then a student set off a firecracker.

Ahmadinejad supporters in the audience began to chant in response, silencing the protesters. The president then continued his speech.

No arrests were reported.

Hmm, does that mean freedom of speech lives in Iran? I doubt it. The youth are the future of Iran but are they enough to change the face of the regime?

A Poll

To whom is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a greater threat?

A) The American people.
B) The Israeli people.
C) The Iranian people.
D) The Arab people neighboring Iran.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Palestinian Animals Kill Children!

Gunmen outside a school in Gaza City have shot dead the three children of a Palestinian intelligence chief linked to the Fatah party.

One adult was also killed in the attack, which took place in a street crowded with children.

The children's father was named as Baha Balousheh, said to have led a crackdown on the Hamas movement 10 years ago. - BBC

It never fails to shock me how a group of people struggling to find world wide condemnation for nearly 60 years of occupation and mistreatment can abuse each other so harshly. Not even the Mafia is despicable enough to kill children.

I'm not a vengeful man but I hope something truly terrible happens to the people involved in ordering and carrying out an act as terrible as this.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Indians Have Small Penises

I feel embarrassed for the entire Indian race because scientists have finally verified a popular and hilarious stereotype...Indians have small penises.
A survey of more than 1,000 men in India has concluded that condoms made according to international sizes are too large for a majority of Indian men. The conclusion of all this scientific endeavour is that about 60% of Indian men have penises which are between three and five centimetres shorter than international standards used in condom manufacture.
I admit my embarrassment for the Indian population quickly turned to laughter while reading this article and I will take great pleasure in sending this article to every Indian friend I have ever had.

P.S. I would bet Gandhi had a terribly small wiener.

Now that we got that out of the way, please continue to the next post!

Trouble Continues To Brew

I want you all to remember articles like this when Lebanon finally implodes in on itself.

Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is accusing Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasarallah of plotting a coup against the Government and I sincerely believe he is right.
He [Hassan Nasrallah] is trying to stage a coup. Or at least he's threatening to stage a coup. And he has already decided the outcome. - Fouad Siniora
I wish I could say the problem could be solved by fighting and eliminating Hezbollah however Hezbollah is a deeply rooted guerrilla fighting force and the Lebanese army are a bunch of farmers with pitch forks. To make things more complicated the majority of the Lebanese population support Hezbollah, meaning a coup might be welcomed and encouraged. So what do you do? I can't answer that, I can just pray things get better before they get worse.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dialogue At Last

Two posts ago a debate came up regarding dialogue, some people feel dialogue is a useless exercise regarding U.S. foreign policy (Rhino you bastard *wink*) and I understand their lack of faith, I really do. However I am happy to say that President George W. Bush is seriously considering it following a meeting with Tony Blair.
After talks with his top Iraq war ally President Bush on Thursday indicated that Iran and Syria might be included in regional talks about Iraq, if they meet certain conditions.

Speaking a day after a bipartisan report called on the White House to change course in its war strategy, Bush acknowledged during a news conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair that, "It's bad in Iraq."

Dialogue is not a cure all, its not a magic bullet, its only an option that we have failed to use and by using it we are only checking it off our list. If dialogue doesn't work I'll feel comfortable saying, "we tried" but if it does work we'll truly have something to be proud of, dialogue is a lot cheaper then bombs and dead soldiers anyway. So lets see where this takes us.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Is There To Tell You?

I'm going to start this post by saying I dont know what to write about. It's not like I have writers block, its just that I'm lacking material. I couldn't really take portions of my day and write a comical commentary, what is there to tell you?

There is my job interview in which the interviewer recognized my name is being Arabic and revealed to me that he is Iraqi...SCORE! That job is mine. There is my friend "Johnny 2 Tone" who came in from New York today, exciting for me but nothing you would want to hear about. There is the Egyptian guy I met in line at Subway, he was fresh off the boat and was so excited to meet another Egyptian that he immediately asked for my phone number. There is the night club that 2 Tone and Special K dragged me to that was filled with super models and balding middle aged men with too much money. I sat there with a glass of wine and laughed to myself as these men in mid-life crisis poured themselves over women who were obviously there to milk their pocket book. There's Special K's female friend who got drunk and told me she hates me because I bad mouth her to Special K, I was confused and irritated by her accusation to say the least. There's my friend Doctor D who came over depressed because one of his patients died today, he sat with the patient and his family and prayed with them just before he died. Those were the "highlights" of my day.

When you're a blogger you tend to look at every situation/experience and think, "can I write about this?" Usually I begin to compose my article in my head as the events unfold but nothing today stuck out as eccentric.

To add to my irritation I came home and discovered one of the slowest news days in a long time. This is the disgusting part about political blogging, sometimes you view the terrible events going on in the world as a product. Part of me wishes something horrible and news worthy was going on somewhere, maybe I should feel guilty about that. Maybe I should feel guilty that people are dying in Iraq but its not "interesting" enough for me to write about. I don't know, maybe I should just go to sleep, me and 2 Tone have a lot to do tomorrow. Until then.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Goodbye Johnny!

John Bolton has resigned and I couldn't be happier. The agent of anti-diplomacy is gone.

Dear Mr. Bolton

Please return to Maryland and eat dog poo.


D.B. Shobrawy

Everyone say it loud, say it proud.

What do we want?


When do we want it?



Hell Hath No Fury...

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn!

Veiled Somali women in the capital, Mogadishu, take part in a protest against a US-proposed draft UN resolution to ease an arms embargo and deploy peacekeepers.

P.S. Click on the picture and look how these ladies hold the guns. I would be willing to bet its the first time they've held one.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Cover Your Head Or Else!

Here's something that will make you sick....

It seems as though a new extremist group is founded every day in Palestine, in fact I think they might have more extremist groups than falafel salesmen. The newest group to terrorize the public and claim responsibility is an organization called "The Just Swords of Islam". The group is threatening to target women who do not wear the hijab head scarf.

The warning was directed primarily against female students at universities and colleges who do not cover their heads in line with Islamic tradition.

The group said its followers threw acid at the face of a young woman who was dressed "immodestly" in the center of Gaza City last week. They also destroyed a car belonging to a young man who was playing his radio tape too loudly.

Who's the sick bastard that would throw acid in the face of an innocent woman? That's not all this group is involved in...
According to the group, its members used rocket-propelled grenades to attack 12 Internet cafes and a number of music shops in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

It said the places were targeted because they were "distracting an entire generation of Palestinians from their duty to worship and jihad, so that they could serve their Zionist masters and the Crusaders."

I sometimes I wish I had the powers of Superman, if I did I would fly across the globe and kill those evil doers!

In addition to terrorizing Muslim women the threat has a potential to make Christian women a constant target of harassment. Recently Egypt's Culture Minister spoke out against the hijab being mandatory saying it would aid in Christian women being "marked" and would result in furthering the divide between Muslims and Christians.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Planet Of The Arabs

There was a hilarious video on Sandmonkey concerning Jews and how they are portrayed in Syrian Soap Operas. I'm sure tons of people were horrified and disgusted but I prefer to laugh...loudly. That video reminded me of this video instantly. I watch it over and over again, it cracks me up! I hope you enjoy it too. Let me know if you do (or don't).