Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Is There To Tell You?

I'm going to start this post by saying I dont know what to write about. It's not like I have writers block, its just that I'm lacking material. I couldn't really take portions of my day and write a comical commentary, what is there to tell you?

There is my job interview in which the interviewer recognized my name is being Arabic and revealed to me that he is Iraqi...SCORE! That job is mine. There is my friend "Johnny 2 Tone" who came in from New York today, exciting for me but nothing you would want to hear about. There is the Egyptian guy I met in line at Subway, he was fresh off the boat and was so excited to meet another Egyptian that he immediately asked for my phone number. There is the night club that 2 Tone and Special K dragged me to that was filled with super models and balding middle aged men with too much money. I sat there with a glass of wine and laughed to myself as these men in mid-life crisis poured themselves over women who were obviously there to milk their pocket book. There's Special K's female friend who got drunk and told me she hates me because I bad mouth her to Special K, I was confused and irritated by her accusation to say the least. There's my friend Doctor D who came over depressed because one of his patients died today, he sat with the patient and his family and prayed with them just before he died. Those were the "highlights" of my day.

When you're a blogger you tend to look at every situation/experience and think, "can I write about this?" Usually I begin to compose my article in my head as the events unfold but nothing today stuck out as eccentric.

To add to my irritation I came home and discovered one of the slowest news days in a long time. This is the disgusting part about political blogging, sometimes you view the terrible events going on in the world as a product. Part of me wishes something horrible and news worthy was going on somewhere, maybe I should feel guilty about that. Maybe I should feel guilty that people are dying in Iraq but its not "interesting" enough for me to write about. I don't know, maybe I should just go to sleep, me and 2 Tone have a lot to do tomorrow. Until then.



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