Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I hate to beat a dead horse, honestly. The Palestine/Israel conflict has unfortunately become a topic that can be argued till the end of time and somehow not reach an agreement despite its extremely simple circumstances. Those who read my posts concerning the topic already have an opinion and in most cases an unwavering one. But I still believe in dialogue, regardless if you reach the result you desired or not. It brings everyone to a greater understanding no matter what that may be. I can admit I've experienced that in debates that I vowed I'd never concede. Therefore I only offer food for thought.

I have on many occasions criticized both sides of the conflict for their contributions to the problem, fault in the Holy Land is distributed, not evenly, but dually. One of the biggest faults and enablers in the ongoing conflict are Israeli settlements in acknowledged Palestinian territory which are the reason why Gaza and the West Bank are referred to as "Occupied Territories" and should be noted, fits the definition of ethnic cleansing.

A couple years ago the U.S. acknowledged the settlements as a fault and asked Israel to cease the development of new settlements in the Occupied Territories. Israel agreed and conceded with a promise to not build in Gaza and the West Bank. This week Israel has broken that promise with the approval to build a new settlement in the West Bank town of Maskiot. Besides a broken promise this is what I find interesting, the settlements will house Israelis who were asked to leave the Gaza Strip last year as part of Israels agreement to hand over the Strip and remove settlers. Which means these people who plan to move into Maskiot are a bunch of butt holes as far as I'm concerned. These are people whose sole purpose in life are to encroach on Palestinian land and slowly surround and force Palestinians from their homes. What attachment do these people have to the unfairly unacknowledged country of Palestine besides to serve their own nationalistic goals? I agree that the Palestinians are at fault in many cases for agreeing to certain portions of the peace process in order to pacify the hands that feed them and then recanting but Israel is guilty of the same exact transgression.


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