Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Pope Live On Pay-Per View

Last month Muslim leaders accepted Benedict XVI's invitation for a dialogue between the two faiths but no one reported on it. I agree with George Weigel that the world media would rather report on "politics, especially the politics of a potential clash of civilizations" instead of a "response of 38 Muslim leaders" in what was titled an"Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI".

The pope arrives in Turkey today and there may not be a better time than the present to acknowledge a planned dialogue between the Pope and Islamic leaders, especially considering the growing fury and threat of violence in Turkey over the Popes visit. For God's sake they are abandoning the Pope-mobile over security concerns and have replaced it with a high-tech armoured vehicle that uses scrambling frequencies to disrupt electronic guided attacks. James Bond is drooling!

So what about the Islamic/Christian Dialogue?

Personally I think the 'dialogue' should be played on Pay-Per View and hosted at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. It would be a COLOSSAL event of epic proportions, I imagine it like this...

The Interview- An interview via satellite hosted on ESPN between the participants, during which the Pope and his opponents would yell at each other from their satellite TV screens while the host of the show fruitlessly attempts to mediate.

The Press Conference-Hosted by the debate promoter, none other than Don King himself. As usual Don King would do all the talking while the combatants sit at opposite ends of the table and stare into the cameras avoiding eye contact.

The Weigh In- 3 days before the fight the Pontiff and His worthy adversaries will meet in a televised weigh in wherein the men strip down to their undies, step on the scale and flex their muscles as the official debate Doctor reads off the mens weight. I predict the Pope to be at an even 218 lbs.

The Fight- No undercard bouts for this match, just the main event. As for the results, I wont make any predictions, you'll just have to watch it live on Pay-Per View but maybe you have a prediction for me.


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