Friday, November 17, 2006

Abuse of Power?

Iranian student tasered and arrested at UCLA. Watch the video, read the story... Is this an abuse of power and excessive force? You tell me.

Watch the video

Read the story


At 5:20 AM, Anonymous Esra'a said...

Total abuse of power. This is no way to react when a student fails to provide a form of ID to prove that he's a student.

He wasn't even fighting, the cops were being overzealous. The student didn't want to give up easily because they are not worth obeying. He was obviously not a threat. They were hardly protecting anyone by doing this - and when students wanted to interfere because they were concerned for the victim, they were threatened with violence as well. Those power hungry idiots need to pay for this. What they did is illegal. The video clearly shows that the student was no threat.

Did you see the shirt we made about this at Mideast Youth? 3 Iranians contacted me for wanting to buy it so far. Apparently there will be a massive protest today. No one's going to stay quiet over this - and I hope the student will speak up against this violation to emphasize the seriousness of what happened.

Down with the Patriot Act.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Abu Shreek said...

Reading the article I was thinking what a huge act of brutality and injustice.
HOWEVER, watching the video,I do not think this is an abuse of power. Although it is kind of strict to try to remove him because he did not have his card, that IS the law.
He was unresponsive and unnecessarily loud. He acted like a spoiled brat and kept bringing up stuff that has nothing with the situation (Seriously what does "this is your patriotic act" has to do with anything here?? He was breaking the law and refusing to leave and acting all "heroic" and "rebellious"

It is obvious: " the cops tell you to do something, you do it without arguing and trying to act that you are getting transported to Gitmo." when talking to the cops, and you are breaking the law (even if it is a minor violation" you cannot act like you are talking to your new high-school teacher.
what is most annoying is such spoiled kids trying to portray such incident as "race" issues, while there are people being transported to secret torture prisons.

At 2:49 AM, Blogger Donkeyhue said...

I have a few things to say about this.

Number one, the kid with the camera was a pussy. Excuse my language but those were the best angles he couldve got?

This isnt about checking his id, which people are making it out to be. We are a country of rules and laws, and if the library's rules state that you need an id during certain hours, well then you need to have an id during certain hours its as simple as that, and if you get caught without one its not because you are black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow its because you dont have an id.

The kid was obviously causing a ruckus, all you have to do is listen to his tone, his words, and his aggressive defiance to know he was not an innocent victim. He was causing trouble. Take it from someone who has been arrested more times then they would care to admit and has taken his fair share of beatings, when someone in law enforcement gives you an order, you follow it. Only bad things will result if you dont. Even if you win, you lose. All he had to do was stand up. Personal accountability must come into play.

I believe early in the clip before the first taze he said he'd leave. He didnt. What did he expect?

He saw an opportunity to pull a political stunt and he met up with some unexperienced security guards following procedure that may have been a tad over aggresive, but most certainly did not abuse their power. His actions dictated theirs, not the other way around.

Personally I think they should have been more aggressive, physically restrained him and carried him out over their shoulders like the child that he behaved like. Unfortunately because of the threat of lawsuits from ACLU lawyers or making the video clip of the week on the nightly news, law enforcement has been handcuffed from using physical force and rely to heavily on these non-lethal alternatives when a good ol fashioned man handling would have solved this problem from the onset.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

Donkey I agree with you most of the way. This kid got alot louder than i think he should have and its is far too presumtuous to say he was a victim of racial profiling. We are talking about UCLA for God's sake, white people are a minority there. His situation has NOTHING to do with the patriot act what so ever. This kid was self conscious of the fact that he was an Iranian having a police altercation and he decided to act a lil snotty. I dont believe he expected, nor would I, that he would get some hot taser treatment. Last but not least, this kid is going to sue and get alot of money and rightfully so for three reasons.
1. He actually is a student of the school, despite not providing his ID card, no university board is going to sit well with the idea of their students getting tased in the library for not providing their ID card.
2. The incident was caught on camera, this kid squeeled like stuck pig which shocked me too.
3. Most important is an illegal action by the cops, this guy was shocked more than once after he was in handcuffs. Instead of commanding him to get up like a couple of rookies, they should have grabbed him by his arms and legs and carried him out!

That kid is so damn lucky, he will surely get an out of court settlement from the university.

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a classic case of a set up to get publicity for the Mullah’s through thier agents, NIAC being one of them, watch other puppet organizations on Mulla’s payroll like IABA, NIPOC and IMAN to follow . I wouldnt be surprised if IAPAC , folks like Amirahmadi, Titra Parsi, Houghoghi and Babaie to jump on board. This is as free of advertising as it comes.

The campus police was wrong but they were lured into this by a very carefully planned conspiracy. Watch the details get investigated over the next few weeks. How come there was only one student recording? How come the recording did not start from the begining of the incident? Did you hear the student swear at the police? tell them fuck your patriot act? How come his attorney is a 2 time disbarred attorney who was the only attorney trown out of the Federal Court?
Things are never what they seem.


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