Friday, September 08, 2006

To Clarify The Iraq Armed Forces Handover.

As some of you may allready know, yesterday U.S. Armed forces "handed over" authority to Iraqi forces. There are so many implications here, especially how this "hand over" has been reported. First things first, elections are comming and the Republican party (who has a near monopoly on the senate) is in danger of losing control over the house. If republicans lose control of the senate then Bush's Patriot act as well as the NSA wire taps are at risk, right now he can pass nearly any bill he wants. This "hand over" is perfectly timed to give the voting public the impression that we have taken a step in the direction of leaving Iraq, however Iraq's military is divided into 10 different divisions and the hand over symbolizes the transfer of only one of those divisions.

Another problem facing American forces in Iraq is political and religious division within Iraqi military ranks, the same division we saw within the Iraqi police. Several attacks on police and American military proved to be the work of Iraqi officers who were loyal to Sunni or Shi'a causes. With that being said, how safe can Iraq be if Iraqi soldiers are divided by their religious affiliation?

If you somehow believe Iraqi's can act in the interest of the country without religious division you need not look further than the Iraqi parliment to see otherwise. On the same day of the hand over a legislative session broke out into a shouting match as Sunni members accused Shi'a members of trying to divide Iraq into sectarian groups.

So as the Kurds of the north find themselves in their own autonomous region and the Shi'a dominated and oil rich south grows increasingly Shi'a dominant, the Sunni population finds themselves in danger of being pushed into regions that are completely devoid of resources. Mix that with a religiously divided parliment and military and what words come to mind...Full out civil war.


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