Saturday, September 02, 2006

Syria Agrees To Enforce Border?

Through talks with Kofi Annan, Bashar al-Assad has agreed to protect its border leading into Lebanon in order to keep arms from being smuggled in (to Hezbollah obviously). If you're familiar with the U.N. and Mid East politics you should be laughing by now, you might have actually spit your morning coffee allover your computer screen. It's laughable for a couple reasons, in order to understand lets introduce the major players.

Bashar al- Assad
Not the outspoken infuriater that Ahmednejad has become, prefers stirring up trouble from behind the scenes. Bashar is like that friend who smiles in your face, tells you what you want to hear but in reality he hates your guts. He's too much of a sally to do anything about it himself so he goes behind your back hoping someone else will settle the problem for him. What a prick! The worst part about Assad is, just like that back stabbing friend, when you find out he's a snake and you make him aware you know what he's doing, he still comes up to you and acts like you're buddies. Which only pisses you off more!

Kofi Annan
Shameless people pleaser who is doomed to be disliked by the whole world. I feel bad for this guy, his job completely lacks purpose, he's powerless to the extent that he has to accept verbal agreements from guys like Bashar al-Assad and if Bashar violates that promise what is Kofi going to do? He'll beg the security council for permission to send guys in blue helmets with guns that don't have bullets. Kofi is that annoying friend who wants you to be friends with pricks like Bashar the back stabber even though you both know he's a back stabber. He keeps telling you, "come on he's a nice guy, give him another chance". It doesn't take long before you start ignoring guys like Kofi.

The biggest problem in this whole mess is that the U.N. is flawed by nature, it has no power, no political agenda and no balls which results in countries like Syria playing with them like a cat and a ball of yarn. Bashar has this all planned out, he knows that by putting personnel on the border he can appease the U.N. and use the agreement as an alibi with the U.S. to say "look, we're helping you out here" while at the same time making it even easier to transport weaponry.


At 1:11 PM, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Bashar is handsomer than Kofi.


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