Sunday, August 13, 2006

State Of The Art Weaponry?

Ahhhh Hezbollah, they’re like a pack of farmers that stumbled into an old Russian weapons cache behind the tool shed. Remember the first week of fighting? Nasrallah said, ‘We have weapons with great capabilities yet to be seen’, something to that effect right? Now that we are on the verge of a cease fire (supposedly) it seems as though we might never see any explosive goodies. Just yesterday Hezbollah shot down a helicopter, Israel is saying it was with a shoulder fired anti-tank weapon, of course Hezbollah is claiming they used the newest in terrorist defense resources and naturally they’ve given it a fancy Arabic name, the “Waad” yup that’s right the Waad is the newest in state of the art Jihady defense. I don’t think Israel has much to worry about when it comes to Hezbollah’s “advanced” arsenal.

Israeli citizens aren’t ready to come out of their bomb shelters yet however. Israel has stated they expect Hezbollah to make a last ditch effort before the cease fire comes to a head. If Hezbollah does unleash a new weapon what do you think they’ll call it?



At 2:22 PM, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I told you so! Hizballah has been talking out of its ass as usual. The reason they don't kill a lot of civilians is that they can't. They can hardly kill a crippled granny if she sits in front of them in her wheelchair!


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