Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The News Bomb!

The News Bomb, the newest feature on Whisper of Madness. A listing of news stories worth mentioning but not worthy of a whole post.

-The terrorist on death row in Indonesia for the 2002 Bali bombings has been caught planning new attacks from his cell with a smuggled in laptop and wireless connection. Where do I start with this? First of all, how the hell does the jack ass get his hands on a laptop and air card, that's not the easiest thing to smuggle. Secondly, is there a place on earth with an efficient death penalty? Its moments like this that make me appreciate Saudi Arabia's execution machine, they just take the guy out and hack his head off. Why does the guy have to sit there and soak up tax money for years?!

-Yet another human rights organization accuses Israel of war crimes, this time its Amnesty International. Let me tell you why I find this nice and juicy. I have a friend who when I last talked to him expressed that the U.N. was completely ineffective because they don't serve anyone's purpose, basically they risk pissing everyone off (basically just the U.S. and Israel). He did say however that he respects the work of Amnesty International.
Well hear it is buddy, you know who you are!

-Iranians the new pirates? I think so, lets review the facts. Iran fired on a Romanian oil rig off the Iranian coast, boarded it and held the workers captive for hours.

-The BBC compiles the history of Egyptian train disasters. Egyptian negligence documented for your reading pleasure.


At 12:12 AM, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

My friend Malik's uncle believes that every good Muslim man must have a beard.(the gals have mustaches) Malik had a sparse beard and his uncle told him he must sadly be an exception and not grow a beard, cuz his beard is so pathetic. Same for Muslim Indonesians. You can tell the Indonesians were not really cut out for Muslimhood. They have bad beards. If you can't grow a good beard, fuggedaboutit! Be a buddhist monk instead.


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