Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson and the American Media

As I've grown I've become a coniseur of news which means increasingly I find American news sources to be inadequate. For anyone who doesn't think our news is heavily and intentionally biased let me tell you this, the news doesn't seem to be crap when all you see is American news, expose yourself to the news of the world and the truth is painfully clear. This is what I am exposed to on a regular basis....

-Infinite human interest stories. Ex. "Elton John to Rockers: Learn to Dress. Come on is this really news worthy?!

-Extremely slanted reports to push the stations political objectives. Ex. "Can the U.N. Save the Day in the Middle East? In this article, U.S. ambassador to the U.N, John Bolton, talks about "using" the U.N. to bring democracy to Lebanon. I didn't know Lebanon was without a democracy.

-Ruthless character assassinations, like the most recent attacks on Mel Gibson. This is the point I would like to elaborate on...

If you love Mel Gibson that's a little odd, If you have no opinion I think that's more normal and if you hate him there is probably something wrong with you, hating a complete stranger is severely odd.

Gibson is the medias newest pariah, it's become fashionable to bash on him and now that he's been arrested for drunken driving the news is flocking to his shame. Gibson was regarded as any celebrity is, until he made The Passion of the Christ, which makes me wonder who would have a problem with a religious movie. Well I know that Muslims were not offended, nor were Christians but Jews were, today I heard a Rabbi say, "Mel Gibson proved he is an anti-Semite when he spent 25 million dollars to make a movie blaming Jews for killing God." Uhhh, that's a little silly, no?

So if its primarily Jews who take issue with Gibsons movie then why is the media so veracious in attacking him? Polls have showed that the average person doesn't care but for some reason the media does, which leads me to my final question. If people don't care about Gibsons DUI, why are they reporting about it so excessively? I really don't know, tell me what you think.


At 2:54 PM, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

The media is using Mel to distance themselves from anti-semitism. they can attack Israel and keep their creditentials with their Jewish groups who control Hollywood.

At 3:51 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

This is my theory.

1) The bias in the US news is not left or right, it is corporate. Corporations need to make money, not inform so the news needs to sell advertising, and what sells advertising better than famous people?

2) The basic storyline for all famous people in America is:
* unknown struggles against adversity to acheive fame
* famous person dares to have human failings (virulant antisemitism, drives while drunk, that sort of thing)
* famous person appears on TV to perform a public act of contrition, all is forgiven (Dr. Phil being our current chief public confessor), and they appear on late night television to promote their latest movie.

I can only speculate on how it works in the US. No doubt other countries have their own script.

Miss Carnivorous, I keep reading about these Jews controlling Hollywood and it frankly pisses me off. I am a Jew and I wish we would've gotten control of the whitehouse, the congress, the supreme court, the military industrial complex, and international shipping, just to name a few. Don't get me started about telecommunications. Those are all controlled by white protestants and seem to have been since their inception in this country.

I would ask for proof that the Jews control Hollywood, but any fan of Paul Weller gets a pass.


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