Thursday, August 03, 2006

Human Rights Watch and Kenneth Roth Accuse Israel of ‘War Crimes’

Human Rights Watch- “Israeli claims that Hizbullah was using civilians as human shields proved false.”


According to the HRW, none of the Israeli attacks documented in the report resulted in Hizbullah casualties or the destruction of weapons. "Rather, the attacks have killed and wounded civilians who were fleeing their homes after the IDF issued instructions to evacuate."

“Israeli warnings of imminent attacks do not turn civilians into military targets,” said Roth. “Otherwise, Palestinian militant groups might ‘warn’ Israeli settlers to leave their settlements and then feel justified in attacking those who remained.”


The accusations keep piling up, those who find Israeli leadership to be infallible can stay in their state of denial until the end of days. So far condemnation has come from all angles, the U.N., The E.U., Bill Clinton, Human Rights Watch and an infinite number of international news sources. Can international out cry put pressure on the U.S. and Israel to act accordingly?

Read the whole story here, by Israeli news source Ynet


At 9:49 PM, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Hmm I dunno, I have seen pics of guys in Lebanon fighting in their civilian clothes. I heard a UN official in Lebanon saying he has not seen on Hizballah fighter because they are dressed like civilians and you can't pick them out. If Hizballah really wants to fight the Israelis let them do so. Why aren't they attacking Israelis who are in Lebanon more fiercely? Why don't they have anti aircraft weaponry? Why don't they defend their civilian population more? It always seems to me that the military men flee and leave the civliians to bear the brunt of their actions. the military guys want to stay alive to do what precisely? Its like a flea on a bears back. They bite Israel in the teez and run off. Then israel swats all the other animals around them. Then the flea comes back and bites israel in the teez again. and so it goes.

At 12:46 AM, Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

Despite the fact that hezbollah are a bunch of scum bag militants who dont have uniforms, does that excuse the fact that bombs are being dropped on neighborhoods not containing hezbollah militants. What HRW is accusing Israel of doing is warning people to leave their homes and then indescriminately dropping bombs on the people left behind reguardless of not being associated with Hezbollah. To intentionally target civilians would be consistent with war crimes.


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