Thursday, July 13, 2006

Worlds Smartest Man: D.B. Shobrawy

Its official, I have been awarded as the Worlds Smartest Man. Let me explain how I was bestowed with this immense honor.

There is a website that I have made a link to in the right column called Blufr. For those who are a vessel of "useless" info, this site is for you!

You have to answer "Way" or "No Way". I just killed it. My final score is 22777! The highest score in the WORLD!!!! My score is listed with the Initials DBS for D.B. Shobrawy. Check it out and test your witt.

UPDATE: Some wise guy has just beaten my score, have no fear, I will trump him shortly.

UPDATE: totally sucks, my score of 22777 has been replaced by 16291. how does that work. Bye Bye Blufr!


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