Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Time Has Come to Tell You....Why.

It has been a month now since I started my blog, I have accumulated some fans and some critics, always the case when writing about the Middle East. I have also hit the one thousand mark in terms of visits and I feel there is no better time than the present to explain…Why? Why did I start a blog, why do I have such opinions and why do I write the way I do? Maybe the most important issue, why read my blog, what separates me from the rest?

I started a blog because, like most bloggers and most Egyptians, I have something to say and I think everyone should hear it! Naturally, didn’t you already read in my earlier post that I’m the smartest man alive. As far as my writing style is concerned, I desire to give you a mélange of ideas, theories, political views, sarcasm and humor. I write in the moment, out of passion, you might be able to see that in my posts. You will find it difficult to discover my purest views through the site. The reason for this possibly misleading method is that while reading other blogs I discovered everyone writes from an extremely leftist or rightist view, there is no one in the middle, I believe that the majority of opinion is found in the middle. Those on each side of the spectrum defend their side in what appears to be a desire to pull the middle away from their opposition. As Halalhippie eloquently put it, its too easy to buy hand-me-down opinions, we must make our own. That is the message, don’t inherit your opinions from my posts, deduct your own, I encourage debate on the commentary, look at my posts as a blueprint not a manual. So if you see a post that appears on one side or the other, don’t be surprised, you’ll find both on a regular basis. In addition I look at my blog as a place to vent, rant whatever you want to call it, a common vise of any blogger. So for those of you who get it, enjoy, for those of you who don’t keep reading and never hesitate to challenge!


God Bless

D.B. Shobrawy


At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shobrawy, you made a comment on another blog that made me respect you and also come and visit your blog!

like yourself, i too am an egyptian living abroad. However, i feel that it is easy for you and me to form opinions no matter what they are because we don't live in the thick of it. I think commenting on the situation in the ME 5000 miles where we are untouched by the struggles that it brings is quite different. As we say in arabic, el eedo fel maya mesh zay el eedo fel nar. Having said that, i will be coming back!

kind regards

At 10:35 AM, Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

I agree, it can be difficult to make observations or judgements when living abroad, however I believe you can, without living under the pressure judge the circumstances. Actually i think living abroad is a huge help because it allows you to think objectively with less emotion to sway your judgement. Know what im saying?

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