Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Remember the Good Old Days?

Remember the good old days? When the bad guys were old men with poor economic strategy who were more likely to build bombs then use them. You know…the Cold War!
Today’s bad guys aren’t nearly as much fun; they are more akin to comic book super villains then simply poor leaders. It’s exactly that reason that has me overwhelmed with joy to see Fidel Castro in the news again. Fidel is back and cracking jokes that despite many Cubans living to be a hundred, "Our little neighbors to the north should not fear, I am not planning to be in office at that age."

Now that Fidel is almost 80, I have trouble seeing the super villain in him, he’s more concerned with running communism into the ground, smoking cigars, wearing army fatigues and taunting the U.S. with figures like Cuba’s low infant mortality rate, he’s more like a feisty and bitter Grandpa then a dictator. I can’t wait till he does die, not because I really care what happens to him personally but because I look forward to seeing what will become of Cuba. Those poor people have been suffering since 1959 and Cuba has the potential to be a beautiful country. Until then I hope Fidel keeps me entertained with his crazy rants.


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