Monday, July 31, 2006

Olmert VS. Bush

It looks like I'll have to go back on my word here. I said that I was done writing about this Lebanon/Israel mess but I cant continue to ignore the big pink elephant in the room, especially when the elephant is getting a missile up his pucker, know what I'm sayin? Plus I have not been pleased with the lack of political content on my site. Don't get me wrong "The Bottled Water Incident" is a classic for the future but politics is my game and Shobrawy is my name.

So what international contradiction is irking me now? Surprise, surprise, its about Lebanon/Israel and who's in the middle, Ehud Olmert and who's trailing behind him begging for table scraps G.W. Bush.
By the way, if international politics was a basketball game, Ehud Olmert would get the 6th man award. Ariel Sharon gets taken out of the game (becomes a vegetable) and Olmert comes off the bench to drop a couple 3 pointers and set a few picks but if I was the referee he would be in foul trouble by now. My apologies to anyone who doesn't watch basketball.

Here's what's bothering me. George W. has stated once again that he would agree with a cease fire but that it would have to "result in lasting peace", something obviously impossible to insure. On the same day Olmert said he would not accept a cease fire with Hezbollah and that Israel would stop when it was finished. So why the contradiction? While Ariel Sharon would communicate with the U.S. on international decisions before making them public, Olmert just doesn't care to behave the same. Meanwhile Georgie is getting thrown under the bus every time he makes a statement because he wants to say what is agreeable to the Knesset but Olmert keeps altering the game plan. Olmert doesnt seem to think its important to stay on the same page, hes moving on to act 2 while George is still on the introduction, Olmert is acting as if the U.S. doesn't pay his bills.


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