Friday, July 07, 2006

Does Someone Have A Trick Up Their Sleeve?

Some people may ask, "Why do you have a link to BBC News?" Well simply because the British media is willing to report on things that the American media is not. Even if the British and American media do report on the same controversial issues, often the American medias story is late and lacking in detail. The following is a case in point.


The BBC has published a claim by Egyptian lawyer, Mamdouh Ismail which suggests Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi's heir, Ayyub al-Masri is in an Egyptian Prison and has been for 7 years. In addition he is claiming that the reason for the "mix-up" is part of a disinformation campaign. Evidence to support this claim would include the naming of Abu Hamza el-Muhajer as Al-Zarqawis heir by Osama bin Laden on his most recent tape. Some have suggested the two men are one in the same citing that "el-Muhajer" in Arabic means the immigrant, suggesting it is a name given to Al-Masri, as he is an Egyptian in Iraq. However no one except the Arab conspiracy theorists will believe Mamdouh Ismail's claim. He is a former activist and associate of Osama bin Ladens deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Even if what he was saying was true and even if naming Al-Masri as a terrorist was an honest "mistake", there is no question that none of us will ever know about it, his voice will be suppressed and so will any further details of the story. America doesn't give Hosni Moubarak 2 billion a year for nothing.

BTW: Since when do Egyptians wear those head dresses.


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