Monday, July 03, 2006

The Bell Curve

Hey everyone it’s me again, the following post was put up waaaay back but I had to take it down due to some computer issues, sorry to the people who left comments before because I will not be able to put them back. So enjoy it.........


I have a philosophy, simply it’s that stereotypes are true. Now most of you are saying to yourselves, "“oh no here we go"” and even after I explain you will still object strongly just because you've been brainwashed to oppose any such thinking. Simply because, the most liberal thinking controls popular thought! Nonetheless I stand by simple realities to help you see more clearly, if you continue to see the world through rose colored glasses that’s your problem.

To understand there are a few things that must be established:

1. Stereotypes are as natural to your brain as the need to eat sleep and drink. Your brain is like Colombo; it puts facts together little by little but very rapidly and compiles them for you in your subconscious without you knowing it. Why? The obvious answer is for your protection. If you ever stayed awake in biology class you would've picked up on the fact that the human mind and body are designed for survival. Research starvation and the hierarchal order your body eats away at its self and you'll be blown away, it’s amazing.

2. Truth in stereotypes is characterized by having a commonality among the majority or even a commonality within a very noticeable minority. Some people try to shoot down stereotypes because they can name one Mexican who doesn’t cut lawns. Congratulations you just told us what we already know! Some people just refuse to accept that the law of averages is a LAW! Which brings me to my next point.....

3. The Bell Curve
this is one of the most basic and absolute realities of life. Make sure you understand because we will refer back to the chart.

4. Stereotypes are not defined by being negative. People inherently assume that and that's why you probably objected before you finished the first sentence.

Now for the good stuff people. Lets go over some scenarios
You are walking down the street at 2 A.M. in a bad neighborhood (the concept of a neighborhood being a bad neighborhood is a stereotype in itself by the way) and there is a tall and mean looking guy walking behind you, insert whatever race you want. If your smart and you didn't suppress all those observations your Colombo like brain has compiled, you should be thinking, oh crap! Now thanks to the law of averages that guy could be over near -4 and he could be over by 4. Because your in a bad neighborhood, "0" would represent, "“this guy is probably going to kill me"” and "4" represents, "this guy is definitely going to kill me" Your hoping he's a -4! Your brain always functions in survival mode, you would be an IDIOT to assume he is in the "no interest in killing me"” range because even if he is, it’s not worth playing devils advocate just so you can be politically correct. In the end nothing happens, the guy is just as scared as you walking home this late and just wants to get out of harms way.

You're walking down the street and you see….. What’s a really non threatening character, how about a Nun? Yea that works. You see a Nun walking behind you in broad day light with the biggest smile on her face. You’re not scared of course. Why aren’t you scared? You feel at ease about a Nun because you formed a stereotype in your brain a long time ago that Nuns are on your "“Not Going to Kill Me"” list. Now according to the law of averages does that mean you are safe? Well if she falls in between -2 and 4 your good, -2 to 2 is your average good Nun. 2 to 4 are the REALLY nice Nuns but -4 to -2 are the extremely rare Nun/Serial killers. Of course this is the rare instance where a stereotype could work against you but hardly anyone would blame you for letting a Nun sneak up on you and attack you with a chain saw, seriously who would see that coming?

The second scenario is the most common type of stereotype, minus the Nun/serial killer but the observance of normal trends or stereotypes like these are ones you process every minute but never realize. The stereotype getting all the press is the first scenario. Why? Because everyone is terrified to offend someone else, we live in a society of protected groups. The only group that you can criticize is the "white male", but try criticizing the black male or the gay male, in a second you will have the political correctness police up your butt. God forbid we point out the obvious for our own protection. It’s to the extent that even positive racial stereotypes are considered offensive. I am sorry but when I see an Asian guy I can’t help but ask him if he could help me with my math homework or if he’d like to play chess. What about negative stereotypes about my own people, for example "Arabs smell" True again! Showers and deodorant are less than paramount in the Middle East. Now when you hear stereotypes like these just visualize the bell curve. The majority of smelly Arabs fall into the bulk of the curve, the smelliest are on the far right and the ones who insist on showering and wearing deodorant are on the far left. Simple enough?

I hope this clears things up, if you would like to discuss this further feel free to leave a comment, I would be more than happy to entertain your thoughts.


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