Saturday, July 08, 2006

BBC Report: E.U. Condemns Israel.

I love the BBC and I love the E.U., not for the reason you may think. I'm not the type to bash on Israel for the sake of it or bash on Palestine for the sake of it. If you didn't gather that from my previous posts let me make it clear now. As far as the whole conflict goes I feel that the Israelis bought their problem. This is the nature of occupation and let me remind you that Israel has occupied for only 50 plus years, it took the Arabs over 500 years to subdue Egypt, so really we haven't seen nothing yet. As far as the Palestinians go, they are unquestionably an oppressed people but if they didn't have Israel to fight with they would be fighting with their neighbors, plus guys who blow themselves up to kill woman and children are very hard to sympathize with. I think its really simple, its not a 100% pro Israel thing or a 100% pro Palestine thing, In actuality they both suck equally.

To see that the E.U. is condemning Israel for using a, "disproportionate force and making a humanitarian crisis worse during operations in the Gaza Strip" is comforting only because it gives hope that there are governing bodies that take a balanced stance on the conflict. Its a welcome change from the Arab nations and their non-stop hatred of Israel and a welcome change from the U.S. and their non-stop butt kissing of Israel. Leave it to Europe to find the middle. BBC News Report


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