Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ancestral Shame Strikes Again!

I really feel sorry for people sometimes because so many of us continue to be victims of popular opinion no matter how ridiculous or hypocritical they are. Let me stop being ambiguous and explain.

Through the course of human events certain transgressions have occurred, slavery, segregation, apartheid and several organized genocides including that of the Native Americans, Assyrians, Armenians and eventually the Jews. Most of these genocides have been completely forgotten and people have been allowed to go on with their lives without having to relive the shame of their ancestors for having committed such transgressions. Unfortunately some people have not been allowed to shed that shame. In America whites are doomed to forever have slavery held over their heads and that shame continues to motivate certain public policy and enable severe social problems. This shame is mandated and encouraged by public opinion and begets reverse racism.

I remember years ago my high school basketball coach was scolded by the assistant coach for describing the only black guy on the opponent’s team as, “the black guy”. Why? Well white people in America have been intimidated into conforming to society’s oversensitivity. The phenomenon of over sensitivity has turned a person’s skin color into a racial slur in itself. However do people feel the same uneasiness when referring to a white guy? No, of course not.

So it doesn’t surprise me when I see the same mandated shame carried out in other cultures as exemplified in this story. Apparently the German people have been so severely beaten into a state of mandated shame that they have rejected the idea of being sent to Lebanon as a peace keeping force. They fear German soldiers standing in the face of Jews for its similarity to the holocaust. (Similar in the fact that a Jew and a German are within 50 ft of each other.) These people are completely delusional, check out this quote, “There are Holocaust survivors living in Israel. I don't think they would feel good about German soldiers in South Lebanon, and certainly not if they had to take a stand against an Israeli soldier." So is that to suggest that Jews would also be opposed to Germans being present as peace keepers in south Lebanon? Ask yourself is that paranoia at all reasonable? Is it reasonable for the parties involved to be apprehensive about the race of the other parties involved? Isnt that racism?

P.S. German officials have stated that they would feel more comfortable patrolling the Lebanon/Syria border because they dont expect to see any conflict there. Ummm can a country with some balls please step up!? Who would have expected the Germans to be gun shy?


At 1:53 AM, Blogger Twosret said...

I only heard of this today, I can't keep up with the shouting of anti-semite, I wonder if Angola is a different kind of holocaust or the 4 million people who died in Angola doesn't count?

At 9:36 AM, Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

Well thats a good point, the jewish holocaust is put in your face daily while others are happening right now and continue to be unrecognized. Angola, Darfur, it goes on and on.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Europeans like their easy lives and the men have no manhood anymore. When your women are just giving it away you lose the fighting drive. In the old days men went to war so they could RAPE and pillage. You try that stuff now and they court martial you. Best just stay home. The Muslim guys at least get sex in the afterlife. Too much sex and not enough misery is the problem with Western man, I say! The jewish thing is just an excuse. Do the Germans actually have a military, I can't see it. The men are always having October fest all year round, it's hard to shoot straight when you are drunk. Am I stereotyping? Sheesh, there I go again. They won't shoot anyway and that won't help keep the peace so forget em. They should send those Scandinavian chicks from the Olympics, the ski shooter girls, they could hit a bum's crack from miles away.


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