Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This Stuff Never Gets Old

This Palestine/Israel stuff never gets old, and we have the Palestinians to thank, more specifically Hamas. When Arafat was in charge it was like one giant stalemate and by stalemate I mean suicide bombings followed by retaliatory attacks but even then we had hamas to thank for all the action.

Look what Hamas has done to keep us entertained since they obtained Majority control in January. They have, called for "the establishment of an independent state whose capital is Jerusalem" (keep holding your breaths on that one).

In February declared that "anyone who thinks Hamas will change is wrong" and in May Hamas leaders threatened a new Intifada as well as to decapitate anyone who tried to bring down their cabinet.

While all this was going on they still managed to kill each other with clashes between Hamas and the Fatah party the day after Israel pulled out of Gaza! The day after...They didn't even wait 24 hours!!!!

Man these guys have been busy , and to wrap it all up with a cherry on top, all the guys employed by Hamas helping Palestine self destruct haven't been paid wages since Hamas took control in January.

This is getting juicier and juicier. Now that Hamas has realized that their situation has gotten so bad that they cant even help themselves, they have proposed a cease fire....Again.

Translation- Yea we are so incompetent that we have managed to completely self destruct in only 5 and a half months and we don't have enough money to throw stones and home made bottle rockets at you right now.


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