Thursday, June 22, 2006

Feminism is Ruining My People!

I have been flipping through some blogs written by Arab women, mostly Arab/American women, there is one common theme I have recognized that I often recognize in the real world too and that is Arab/American women and their contempt for Arab men, American or otherwise.

What I also observe is these bloggers and their frustration with Arab women living in the middle east who love Arab men.

This never surprises me but also never fails to piss me off, the reality is that America has a jading affect on women, it strips them of the most important and precious values from their home country and those are, the passion and satisfaction of nurturing others, the pride in providing motherly love to the family and the ability to balance the home by taking on some of the stresses of the home.

Their mothers came from a country where a woman wasnt a woman without these qualities and they now jubilate in a country that demands none of these qualities.

Its really the newest and most accepted double standard in our society simply because a man is defined by his ability to work, provide for the family and make as much money as is humanly possible, this expectation will never change, it always has been and always will be, however what has been expected of a woman for so many years is now considered oppressive, chauvinistic and even abusive.

Reality is that men and woman are equal, but different, a womans natural role as a nurturer is just as important as a mans role as a provider but what we now face in American culture is that, for a man not to fulfill his acknowledged role is unacceptable and frawned upon, for him not to work is for him not to be a man.

In the case of an american woman, no one can expect her to work because it is abusive and pig headed and no one can expect her to take care of the home because it is abusive and pig headed. She will do whatever she wants because she lives in a world without consequences and without expectations, celarly very different from a mans role.

So am I surprised that Arab/American women have contempt for Arab men, absolutely not because they have American culture to look towards , which is a much better option, and I dont blame them, because if I lived in a culture that said a man doesnt have to work, I would LOVE IT!!!

As far as Arab/American women are concerned, I look at them like Major League Baseball pitchers. Players hate to **PITCH** to Barry Bonds because they know if they **PITCH** to him he will hit it back. They LOVE to **PITCH** to lousy unskilled players because they know they will get it by them everytime! Right?

So for an Arab/American girl, why **PITCH** to an Arab, when you can **PITCH** to a "less skilled" player.

Interesting Note:
What I see happening in America is that Arab girls who have been man hating feminists their whole lives, as they approach their thirties, slowly become more "domestic" as they watch more and more Arab men go back to their home country and come back with the most drop dead gorgeous woman.

Meanwhile every woman in their family is asking them "when are you going to get married". I wont say its elegance or class or whatever but there is something uniquely different about a woman from back home and how she carries herself compared to Arab/American woman.


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Eman said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. it provided a much-needed laugh.

What i find amusing by this new-found wave of feminism to finally hit Arab women is the complete inability for Arab men to rise to the occassion. Arab women are slowly receiving a forum to voice their opinions. They are demanding to be treated as an equal in a marriage. The harsh reality is that most familes can't survive on one income anymore. Women are forced, most of the time by sheer economics, to financially contribute to the household. more and more women are seeking degrees and positions that rival men. the tides of change have finally hit the Arab world, and it's about time. The rest of the world has reached this point, and Arabs have finally caught up to speed.

And what's truly amazing is the fact that instead of learning to accept a woman's role as an equal, Arab men are running scared, crying that accepting a woman as an equal means that she is denouncing her role as nurturing mother or caring wife. That's ridiculous! the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Women have always have been and continue to be multi-faceted, amazing creatures who can conduct business in the boardroom, and still come home to serve a three-course meal, help the kids with the homework and make sure their husbands are content. They've done that in the past and do so today without losing one ounce of femininity.

Maybe it's the Arab male's inability to truly handle competition with a woman, who always had numerous responsibilities thrust upon her in the past while the man's responsibility rested solely on being a financial provider. Maybe it's the Arab men finally realizing that women are not completely dependent on them - that they can take care of themselves if need be, and therefore, the man needs to do more than give his paycheck every two weeks. Maybe it's the Arab male's inability to deal with change and adhere to the mentality that a marriage is a partnership of two equal individuals - not a dictatorial relationship...

Whatever it is - perhaps you should follow your own line of thinking and BE A MAN. stop crying that women are now demanding to be treated as equals. Grow a pair. Not for nothing - but what woman wants a man who can't even compete with her on the same level? If you have to go home to "the mother country" to find someone "drop dead gorgeous", simply b/c you can't handle the competition, then you're doing all the Arab women in the US a huge favor. not to be too cliche - but if you can't handle the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen....

At 10:20 AM, Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

Eman congratulations, you suceeded in completely missing the point...Good job. Instead of reading and understanding you spun out of control in a fit of extremist feminism.

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Dena said...

'she lives in a world without consequences and without expectations, celarly very different from a mans role.'

i am not sure where you got the idea that arab-american women dont live with expectations.

we feel them everyday; we are expected to be educated, successful in the workplace, feminine, well-mannered, 'drop-dead gorgeous', nurturing, soft-spoken, yet still strong and outspoken.....etc

just a thought.

At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Rima said...

Your blog is false and misleading. You’re utilizing “flipping through some blogs written by Arab women” as evidence to inaccurately substantiate your preconceived assumption that “Arab/American women” have a “contempt” towards “Arab men, American or otherwise”. If you feel Arab-American women and American women hate men in general, then state your claim. Don’t use false logic as reasoning for your argument. Such generalizations and depictions of women reinforce an ideology of misogyny in the world. Does your critique of "Arab/American women" apply to Saudi Arabia's TV personality Rania al-Baz who was almost beaten to death by her husband? What about Arab American women who are suffering from domestic violence daily? Educate yourself and don't misinform others.

At 11:54 PM, Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

Lets not go crazy here, the subject of the post and the "life without consequences" line refers to the double standard that exists in society between men and women specifically and ONLY in regards to the role of men and women where men are expected to work and women have the option of either working or staying at home. You've managed to take choice lines out of context and apply them to actual injustices that women face all over the world.

Please dont take my words and apply them where they were not inteded to apply.


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