Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Devil's Jock Strap

I love Chicago unconditionally, I really do. Chicago is the best city in America and the most underrated, but WOW, the humidity in the summer is unbearable.

I have spent several summers in Egypt, a country synonymous with heat and I guarantee you this.

Chicago in the summer is MUCH hotter than Egypt in the summer and to top it all off, my apartment doesn't have A/C!

Do you know what its like to sleep with no A/C? ......Its like trying to sleep curled up in the devil's jock strap!

By the way, I saw this crazy air conditioner at best buy, its the size of a small fridge and can air condition several rooms. The thing is like $500, that's outrageous!


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous magicman said...

"hotter than being in the devil's jockstrap." That's disgusting. I'm keeping you on my radar screen Shobrawy.

magicman out.


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