Friday, June 23, 2006

Child Molesting Jamaican Terrorists!

Uh huh, a plot has been uncovered to attack the Sears Tower by FBI agents in Florida, what is it about Florida that Terrorists like so much? This story really doesn't make any sense, apparently the FBI broke up this plan and arrested 7 people involved but this is the weirdest terrorist group I have ever heard of, lets review the "facts"

1. First of all these guys were living in a warehouse, not operating out of or hanging out at, no they were actually living in a warehouse.

2. Are Americans with "no ties to Al-Qaeda or any other foreign terrorist groups".

3. Men who described themselves as Muslims and who were trying to recruit young men into what neighbors described as a militaristic group.

4. Were apparently in their teens.

5.Slept in the warehouse but came outside in the middle of the night to exercise.

6. Tried to recruit children "for a karate class"

7. Members would go to the local church and ask for water.

It Gets weirder !

8. "Had young children with them" and would "cover their faces".

And my absolute favorite........

9. "They spoke with like an accent, sort of a Jamaican accent."

I love this, apparently there is a group of homeless, 15 year old, American Muslims with Jamaican accents who molest children, teach karate and exercise in the middle of the night with their faces covered plotting attacks on major U.S. targets, I couldnt make this up if I tried


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